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Tim Cameron (Australia)
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Peugeot Sports Car 2020 - Motorcycle technology applied to car design, creates dynamic involvement, with a resulting new sporting style. - Triangular wheel base with a split rear wheel allowing 4 tyres. Stable platform. - Compact front wheel drive with motorcycle-sized, high performance engine, OR alternatively mid-mounted, driving rear wheel. - Lightweight, (recycleable) plastic body with foam filled panels for extra strength - Pillarless glass - Dramatic new look and lines result from the triangular format and plastic moulding technology. - Vehicle lights move from single-point bulbs to tube-filament technology, still allowing distinctive corporate identity at front of vehicle. Other design features Swing/slide-back doors Centralised instruments Sliding sunshade built into roof for comfort Mesh-fill intakes for sports look External mounted radiators and air intakes save under-bonnet space. Practical mini hatch storage compartment. Neon brake light placed between rear tyres for slice of light effect. Water jet keeps light clean at all times Graphics notes: Modelled and rendered in NewTek Lightwave from pencil sketches traced in Adobe Illustrator. 3D object is also available in VRML format, as well as DXF and others.