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Welcome to 3D club
Welcome to 3D club


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My name is Stephane Chauvin. I'm from Paris, France.


My Page is

My name is Mohamed Al Gammal.

I'm 21, From Alexandria, Egypt. I study mechanical engineering, I've dedicated all my life for cars and everything related to them. and at last I'm currently the 1st place winner ,over 18 years Amature category in the 2000 Motor Trend design contest.


name: Thitikun 'Eddy' Vorachart

From: Thailand

Age: 25

Education: MFA in Computer Art, SCAD.

Love: 3D, watching movies, exercises, martial arts.



I'm jps
I live in japan I'm 30 years old. I like modeling of 60s and 70s car and SF image etc. LightWave and Shade are used to create them.

My name is Hamada Yoshiaki.

I was born in 1974 and I work at Design Company in Setagaya, Tokyo. My Hobby: Making Miniture Model-cars (since childhood), Drawing Picture.

Martin Kostyrka
. United Kingdom.
I have been doing 3D since about 95 and use a variety of programs including form Z, Electric Image, Strata Studio and currently mostly XL6 which is my favourite program. For many years I worked in the photography and formerly the exhibition & graphics industry. I currently work as a freelance designer- for just over one year now.
My next project along the car line will be a Jaguar XK 120 or similar- better than the Rolls Royce I hope!
I have the new version of Realsoft and am waiting for the Electric Image Universe app to finally ship. My main 3D subject at the moment is Egyptology. I am three quarters the way through Tutankhamen's face mask.

My name is Kallol (25).

I'm working as a 3D Animator in India since 1998.
Though I did engineering in Metallurgy It's my passion to be in this field that took me in 3d world and I'm happy to be here.

Homepage: Dream-Mates -


My name is Himanshu Khatri.

I am16. I am from India. I use following programs in my work: 3D MAX, Rhino, Bryce, Poser, AdobePhotoshop, Coreldraw and flash.

My name is ChengKai.

I live in Shanghai, China. I am 25 years old.

I'm Tomi Kaihlaniemi and located in Finland.

I have played with 3D modeller since 1999.
Cars are my hobby, so they are the thing I like to model.
(Lot cheaper way to modify them, than the traditional way)


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